In a months time we will commemorate the birthdate of the “King of Rock and Roll”, one the most important figures in 20th Century Pop culture.   Consider doing a themed promotion to tie in with this event.

His huge and timeless popularity is why you can still find such a myriad of Elvis Presley merchandise and gifts today. He is a worldwide brand for his films, dancing, fashion and of course music.

Don’t forget to investigate brand licensing and IP royalties that will need to be paid.  For a whole range of properties, you can check the LIMA Licensing database and learn more about who own the rights for this property in order to procure the rights to use Elvis images or other brand identities.

In addition to iconic non branded items such as his famous sun glasses, Elvis-customized versions of mugs, keyrings, pens, as well as countless other gifts and toys can be used (See pictures below for ideas.)

Selecting the best and most appropriate music icon will determine whether your promotional and marketing campaign will be a success. (could also go with sports /cinema /art / Cartoon or other themes as required).

Born in the US (Tupelo, Mississippi) on January 8 1935, King Elvis still has millions of devoted fans throughout the world – now more than 30 years after his early death in 1977.