Christmas is only a few months away and it is time to start thinking about your winter promotional gifts.   If your target is being seen front of house then we suggest offering mailbox decorations (great for USA market especially).

This is an original gift most of your competitors have not thought of, a gift that will increase your brand visibility and one that will suit most of your customers.  The mail box is a very iconic product.  It ties in nicely with retro promotions given the old fashioned nature and instantly recognisable shapes.

So many families have standard mailboxes and would enjoy surprising passers by with such a fun decoration.  Many people already decorate their front door for Halloween and other holidays? Below is a mailbox decoration offered by Coca Cola:

Let our designers suggest fun, good looking mailbox decorations adapted to your customers.  Our buying office also provides flags for sporting events giant tents, mascots for front garden decoration.

See also  Tailgating for more typically USA promos.