Workout has become mainstream for many people within the last couple of years. This means that fitness chains and diverse healthy protein supplement companies have grown in size. A redemption gift is therefore a possibility to stand out among your competitors and make your offer more unique compared with other ones.

Promotional is offering t-shirts as a redemption gift

T-shirt as a redemption gift is one of the biggest online health supplement companies in Denmark. The company are now offering a free t-shirt as a redemption gift when customers purchase their protein packages. Even though if customer’s want to purchase even more than just one package of protein, will it be possible for them to choose another redemption gift with a higher value or as another option just choose 2 free t-shirts. But focusing on the one t-shirt, it has a huge logo printed in the middle and a smaller one placed at the left arm. This will naturally create good promotional brand awareness for the company. is offering t-shirts as a redemption gift is offering t-shirts as a redemption gift

Why use redemption gifts?

Gift redemptions are always an outstanding marketing strategy to make your consumers consider about your brand and make them feel appreciated as they do like to receive free gifts. A Bodystore t-shirt creates good brand awareness in gyms. This means that it’s easier for the company to target the right target group and therefore not waist money on marketing. Naturally this also means that they boost their sales on this, because people will buy more than just one.

This marketing approach also shows consumers that your company are orientated about them and not just in your own interests, because you actually do something for them. This approach often creates goodwill in the long run, because more and more customers will be aware of you in the market.

If you want to create and design your own t-shirts for redemption gifts ODMAsia can help you through this process.