Exciting prizes are up for grabs for every purchase of one bottle of Belvoir Fruit Farms! But what we love about this campaign is how the brand is winning the shelf war with their eye-catching custom bottle necker.

Bottleneck Marketing

Bottleneck Marketing


Here’s how customers can enjoy their “sip & dip” experience: Buy any bottle of Belvoir and look for the unique code inside each bottle necker. Lucky winners will have to enter the code to sipanddip.co.uk. Prizes include:

  • a hot tub
  • picnic rucksack
  • paddling pool
  • a set of Belvoir drinks
  • Sip & Dip towel and other summer items
  • £50 Joules Gift Cards

These contest rewards are perfect for the summer. Therefore, this tremendously improved their summer promotion. With these rewards on the table, customers will surely be encouraged to buy their products.

Bottleneck Marketing

Bottleneck Marketing

Belvoir has been in the market since 1984, creating delicious and refreshing cordials and presses. The fruity taste of their drinks is perfect for the summer. Therefore, giving away summer promotional items definitely complement their drinks. Customers can bask in the sun with their drink in one hand.

In this age social media connectivity, running online contests is paramount to your company’s success. They help crate online buzz that could eventually translate to in-store sales. However, nothing beats tangible advertising media such as bottleneckers.


So Here’s How Belvoir’s Bottleneck Marketing is Convincing Customers to “Sip & Dip”!

1. Drives Impulse Purchases at the Point of Sale

When customers see the contest announcement printed on the bottlenecker, it could create instant brand awareness. This in turn, could lead to brand conversion as people are more inclined to support companies that give back to their customers.

2. Design Makes the Products Stand Out

Bottleneck marketing is easy to execute but it does not mean it lacks impact. The key is to create interesting and catchy designs. You want your customers to be drawn to it from the get-go. And Belvoir got this right! Their pastel colored bottle neck sleeves suit the brand image and the summery vibe they were aiming to create.

Bottleneck Marketing

Bottleneck Marketing

3. Saves Space, Time, and Money!

Hanging neckers or bottle neck tags can be a cost-efficient way to advertise your on-pack promotions. Belvoir’s strategy is not only deemed budget-friendly but it also space-saving. On-shelf competition is more intense now more than ever and bottleneck marketing is one way to maximize your shelf advertising.

4. The Bottleneckers Add a Sense of Urgency

Today, FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) among shoppers is so prevalent that many companies have taken advantage of this behavioral concept. The neckers creates a call to action that surely is hard to miss. Contest giveaways and seasonal promotions are for a limited time only. Thus, utilizing the bottle neckers to advertise their ongoing contest spices up the competition. It adds a sense of urgency that pushes customers to act immediately.

5. Taps into People’s Love for Competition

We often hear, “more entries, more chances of winning.” In-store and Online competitions tap into our competitive side. We love challenges. But how did this bottleneck marketing strategy fuel our desire to win? Unlike other gift with purchase or purchase with purchase promotions, Belvoir does not require customers to buy a certain amount or fulfill certain conditions to get the prizes. Every bottle offers a chance to win cool prizes. As such, to increase the chances of winning, many would be encouraged to buy more than what they actually need.


This bottleneck marketing strategy by Belvoir is definitely a good example of a simple yet effective shelf advertising. It’s easy to implement at the same time it’s cost-effective and space-saving. Belvoir is not the only company that had success in bottlenecek marketing. Brothers’ Ciders also utilized the power of bottle neckers to reach out to their target market. Here’s how they created in-store buzz with a simple marketing strategy:


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