Feedback from customers and testing just before the Mega Show led us to revise overall design of  our 4-in-1 cup holder.   Now we are offering a much greater stabillity in use and greatly improved logo positionning

We have changed the method of holding – palm of hand and fingers holding underneath, thumb holding the flexible top.   It ensures that your drinks do not spill from excessive swaying, which tends to be the case, when you hold by its handle.

Moreover, when you hold in this manner, you do not block the imprinted logo in the centre, giving better visibility to your brand name.   Another great thing about this revised cup holder is that it has a dual logo function.  Logos are imprinted on both sides of the handle, so co-branding is easily achieved.


We will be continuing to showcase this drinks holder in the upcoming Mega Show Part 1 held in the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre in Wan Chai.

We have created POS displays which vendors can use in outdoor events. It comes in 3 different forms.  A regular black one stands out for its simplicity.  An LED one which attracts attention in the dark.   Both have a pull out drawer/drip tray for easy cleaning of the interior.

4 副本

After continual testing we found that the flexible nature of this design does not work as well as existing models so we discontinued it. Here are our recommendations :