Universal Cup Holder- One of the many products that we will be showcasing at the Mega Show Part 1 in Hong Kong.

Cupholder cupholder2

This cup holder is great as it adapts to most stadium seating, wheelchairs, desk chairs and airline armrests.   Designed to hold cups or bottles in place, this offers great branding/gift opportunities as a promotional product.

Let us take you through its functions; Universalholder

  1. Velcro straps ensuring a good grip on armrest
  2. Stylish blend of functionality and practicality
  3. Design allows for a wide variety of cups– The side of the actual cup holder has a slot, that holds coffee mugs of various sizes
  4. Prevents pooling of condensation, but sturdy
    enough to support large beverages.

Made of a lightweight plastic, the Universal Cup Holder is durable and definitely dishwasher safe.  This product has successfully trialled in USA and now ODM is looking to commercialise on new markets.

To discover more features on this innovative practical solution, do visit our booth at the Mega Show Part 1, Booth 3E-G38.