As part of its summer marketing campaign, M&M’s gave a touch of fun with this nice gift with purchase.

Use your mascot to create a lovely gift with purchase.

Back to summer thanks to this gift with purchase.

Back to summer thanks to this gift with purchase.

Everyone knows the famous “Red”  & “Yellow” characters that spice up the M&M’s communication.To be fully attractive, the brand uses them to create a pleasant gift with purchase that can delight children and adults especially during summer.These beach balls have a unique designThe characteristics of each mascot clearly appear on the gift with purchase. That’s allowed everybody to be able to identify itself in one of the characters.

Year after year, season after season; the famous M&M’s characters are still there.The use of the mascot is big component of the promotional campaign.The characters substitute the brand name. As we can see on the picture, the M&M’s name is not so visible but everyone will recognize the brand in one glimpse.

The gift with purchase is just a part of the global campaign

This specific offer was spotted out at an airport duty-free area. Of course, this is the perfect location to play with the holiday theme.In addition to this gift with purchase, the brand set up several Point of Sale Displays in the shop. Lots of palm trees and sand created a new funny and friendly atmosphere. The vacations have already started! 

Thanks to all these efforts, the clients are surely  to buy and grab the product on impulse.When a brand use gift with purchase, companies need to makes sure that the item given will be use and is as visible as possible. 

Actually, by using the ball on the beach, customers of M&M’s will promote the brand on the behalf of the brand when they are out playing it at the beach. It’s pretty clever and very cost efficient.