The world renowned premium vodka company, Grey Goose, has another fantastic Gift with Purchase offer for all those lovers of the pure tasting vodka brand. This promotional set offers customers buying Grey Goose VX bottles a free set of shot glasses, shaped like wine glasses, to accompany the drink itself.

Gift With Purchase - Grey Goose Glasses

Gift With Purchase – Grey Goose Glasses

Why This is Such a Good Gift With Purchase For Grey Goose:

  • Not only is there one glass, but as a rather premium product, they are offer four of them to drink the Vodka with friends and family, emphasising the sociality of their company and brand. Furthermore with it being created in France and the class associated with wine and champagne glasses (in comparison to shot glasses) it keeps up their premium appearance.
  • Glasses are always in high demand as a kitchen appliance, and there can never be enough of them. With this in mind, Grey Goose offering a glass set can be attractive to those that don’t drink the product.  And even if they do, it will persuade them more, on this basis, to want to buy the product.
  • This gift with purchase, for those that may perceive it to be too expensive, may be reassured that the value is a fair price as they will not only receiving the product for that price but they get a glass set as well. Something which may cost equivalent to that if they were to buy a cheaper vodka and a glass set.
Gift With Purchase - Grey Goose Glasses

Gift With Purchase – Grey Goose Glasses

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What is a gift with purchase?

Just like the name implies, a gift with purchase is when you attach a free gift to every purchase of your product for a limited amount of time.

How does a gift with purchase benefit me?

Gift with purchase is widely known to increase brand sale and boost engagement with your brand. This is because people are more inclined to purchase more of a product when they feel that it benefits them and they are getting extra value for the price of one.