When sports teams win a championship or a tournament fans will be overjoyed and treasure gifts to commemorate this.  This is probably one of the best time to give out gifts to supporters. Promo Figurines of the team and coach are highly recommended.

Baseball Figurines

Figurines of the team that achieved greatness become a collectible & every championship team could be immortalized with some kind of gift for their fans. This type of promotion can also be carried out for great athletes in personal sports such as in golf or tennis.

For example a great gift with purchase would be a figurine of Roger Federer with the purchase of a can of tennis balls.

Basketball figurines

Figurines like the ones pictured can be entirely customized since they are made from molds. The entire artwork and paint finish can be customized to your client’s requests. Different materials can be sourced in order to make the figurine feel heavier or lighter, this will obviously affect the cost.

It is also possible to make the finish with a metallic feel in order for the figurine to have a more historical touch to it.

All types of figurines are good memorabilia, presidents, artists, singers, and historical figures.  Figurines can also be used as an educational tool to teach children history classes in a fun way. Basically figurines are a smash hit with young fans or kids. They can play with them or if a bit older can collect them.

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