Promotional gift - soccer figurine set

Here is one of the interesting promo gift collections we spotted at the Canton trade fair : a collection of 24 football player figurines from FCB Barcelona.

We could easily imagine all sorts of consumer goods brands using this kind of thing for a promotional gift on purchase campaign. Indeed, being a collection of 24 unique figurines would incite customers to repurchase the brand’s products so as to own the complete collection.

What’s more this promo item has many other advantages:

  • figurines were of high quality: this makes them a valued gift by customers
  • they could be co-branded with company or sponsor logo
  • high  brand visibility when on display
  • low production costs if made in polyresin

Of course this promo idea could be adapted to other sports (rugbybasket ball, volley ball etc.) or activities (historical figures for museum promos, film characters, cartoon characters etc.).

Promotional gifts - soccer figurine set

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