When you conduct businesses in China, or with Asian partners, you should be aware of the holidays and days-off in the region, especially if we are talking about such seasonal industry as promotional and marketing products.

We have created the full list of the public holidays for 2016 in Hong Kong and China here for your reference.

Hong Kong and China Public Holidays in 2016

Hong Kong and China Public Holidays in 2016

Hong Kong Public Holidays 2016:

Jan 1 – New Year’s Day
Feb 8-10 – Chinese Lunar New Year’s weekend
Mar 25 – Good Friday
Mar 26 – Holy Saturday
Mar 27 – Easter Sunday
Mar 28 – Easter Monday
Apr 4 – Ching Ming Festival
May 1-2 – Labour Day
May 14 – Buddha’s Birthday
Jun 9 – Dragon Boat Festival 
Jul 1 – Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Establishment Day
Sep 16 – Day after Mid-Autumn Festival
Oct 1 – National Day of the People’s Republic of China
Oct 10 – Chung Yeung Festival
Dec 25 – Christmas Day
Dec 26 – Boxing Day
Dec 27 – Second weekday after Christmas Day

China Public Holidays 2016:

Jan 1 – New Year’s Day
Jan 2-3 – New Year’s weekend
Feb 7 –  Spring Festival Eve
Feb 8 – Chinese New Year
Feb 9-13 – Spring Festival Golden Week
Apr 2-3 – Qing Ming Jie holiday
Apr 30 – May 2 – Labour Day Holiday
Jun 9-11 – Dragon Boat Festival 
Sep 15-17 – Mid-Autumn Festival
Oct 1-7 – National Day Golden Week holiday

ODM Group strongly advises you to plan ahead your operations during China public Holidays!

In order to avoid potential delays in production, it would be good to refer to the article and adjust your campaigns to dates mentioned above. This will ensure that you avoid the delays caused by factory holidays.

Please, visit our special page dedicated to Chinese Factory Holidays.

We wish you a very Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!