2013 Holidays Hong Kong – It would be an exciting year for Hong Kong in 2013, with all the thrilling events lined up!

Some of the highlights include:

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With an exciting history, Hong Kong was part of Britain since the 1840s. After which, it was returned to China in July 1997 and remained as so. Hong Kong is a cosmopolitan city as influenced by both the Western and Chinese culture.  Enjoying both the Western and Chinese holidays, Hong Kong citizens definitely have a whole load of fun every year!

Let us look at the public holidays in Hong Kong for 2013!

1 January 2013New Year’s Day
10 February 2013 – 13 February 2013Spring Festival (Chinese New Year)
29 March 2013 – 30 March 2013Good Friday
1 April 2013Easter Monday
4 April 2013Qingming Festival
1 May 2013Labour Day
17 May 2013The birthday of Buddha
12 June 2013Dragon Boat Festival
1 July 2013Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Establishment Day
20 September 2013Day following Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival
1 October 2013National Day
14 October 2013Day following Chung Yeung Festival
25 December 2012 – 26 December 2012Christmas Day

As you can see, the Hong Kong government is generally very generous with the public holidays! So keep yourself updated and plan for your holidays early!