2013 Holidays China – As Christmas bells ring and the New Year season arrives, the world will officially bid 2012 goodbye. Counting down to 2013, we’re sure that everyone is looking forward to the holidays! Before touching on the holidays in China, let us talk about the year 2013 and how it relates to the Chinese calendar. The Chinese calendar starts the year off on February 10, 2013, which explains the Chinese New Year festival. The coming year is the year of the snake, ending on January 30, 2014.

2013 Holidays China - Snake Year

2013 Holidays China – Snake Year

About the snake zodiac

Blessed with three virtues, babies born in the year of snake are usually wise, vain and determined. As such, they are best as teachers, philosophers, writers or psychiatrists. Honestly, the profession doesn’t matter since those born in the year of snake are good with money and rarely worries about finances. Beware however, since they are also known for being cunning, jealous and hostile.

Holidays and Festivals in China

China enjoys many different festivals and holidays each year. During these days, offices and factories will be closed. So make sure you are up to date and plan ahead! Here is a listing of the holidays in China –

1 January 2013New Year’s Day
9 February 2013 – 18 February 2013Spring Festival (Chinese New Year)
8 March 2013Women’s Day
4 April 2013 – 6 April 2013Qingming Festival
1 May 2013 – 3 May 2013May Day
4 May 2013Youth Day
1 June 2013Children’s Day
13 Jun 2013 – 15 June 2013Dragon Boat Festival
1 August 2013Army Day of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army
19 September 2013 – 21 September 2013Mid-Autumn Festival
1 October 2013 – 7 October 2013National Day

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