Skol, a Brazilian beer brand, is currently offering a 2 in 1 bottle opener lighter as a gift with purchase. Often, it is hard to find a bottle opener/lighter when you need one, and it can be quite a hassle if you are unable to drink or smoke due to lack of one of these items.

Here, Skol Hong Kong combines the best of both worlds, incorporating both features into one Purchase with Purchase Promo – creating much convenience for its customers.

Bottle Opener cum Lighter

Promo Mechanism: Buy 3 cartons of 4 Skol cans.  Add another HKD 9.90 and customers get to redeem the 2 in 1 bottle opener seen right here.

Although a simple item, it combines two items mostly used together (drinking and smoking), creating synergy and attracting attention with this rare combination. Its slick design and great utility makes it a nice promotional product, possibly triggering impulse purchases since it is only for a limited period of time, exclusively at 7 Eleven.

Functional items always ensure repeat usage, increasing visibility and exposure. Skol understand this concept well…

Skol is always at the front line in coming up with cool promotional products to differentiate itself from other major beer brands. One great marketing campaign Skol did in the past was a custom talking beer can to show of their support to the Brazil football team during the World Cup.

Skol's Talking Beer Can Promos

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