Talking bottle opener

The beverages industry are often looking for new promos, be in On Pack Gifts or Gifts with Purchases.

I am sure you recall ODM’s very own 4 in 1 Coolzee and Octopus Suction Coolie. Other beer promos you may consider includes coolers, able table, and mini fridge!

Bottle openers are quite a common product in the household. Hence we would like to introduce you these interesting bottle openers as a promotional idea– the Talking bottle opener.

Promotional gift idea: Talking Bottle Openers

Bottle Openers can be customized into different shapes-cartoon, balls etc. This bottle opener utilizes metal bottle caps to create a circuit. This circuit then allows the recording saved in the bottle opener to play. For the cartoon shaped opener they even have a magnet on them, enabling you to use as a fridge magnet.

You can also have very simple shape for this opener:

Promotional item- Talking bottle opener

Printing your logo on it may be a form of branding as well. Often used in the bars, customers may just remember your brand within a night! Running out of ideas for your promotional campaigns? Why not offer your customers this promotional product as a promotional gift?

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