James Bond has always been really succesfull all over the world. Panini and Ge Fabbri decided to pay tribute to this emblematic figure of Cinema through a promotional campaign in Brazil.

At news agents this poster advertised the collection of 26 die cast James Bond’s cars to redraw the story of the most famous English spy ever. These cars have been built with meticulous care and are sold with a special magazine that explains the story and details of each car.

Diecast toys are produced by using the casting method. The diecast toys are made of metal and plastic, the metal used commonly is ZAMAK (or Mazak), an alloy of zinc and aluminium. Zamak is also referred to as white metal or pot metal. The most common die-cast toys are scale models of automobiles, aircraft, construction equipment and trains, although almost anything can be produced by this method.

We love this promotion and we also love Covermount Promos, items stuck on magazine covers that do not require redemption.  Instant gratification rules.

This is a very good idea for promotional gifts.  Any design can be produced according to different scale. Many collectors often want to design their own diecast cars, whether to replicate a design they can’t find, to improve upon an existing design or simply to create something original.

If you have a design idea for a diecast car you’d like to see, our buying office in Shanghai receives many inquiries for that kind of product and can help you manufacturing the product that fits to you!

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