Most of us still have a calculator on our desks? Regardless of your industry or profession, most people still use a calculator from time to time, making this product a great promotional product.

Promotional calculators are extremely useful for people dealing with sales & budgeting. The art of utilizing the promotional calculator to its full potential would be to distribute these promotional calculators those in need – the decision makers.

Ensuring such uniformity would not only display an organized staffing structure but also increase the probability of staff using the calculator.

Each time your staff uses the calculator to make computations, your clients will get to see your imprinted brand, leaving a deeper impression.  Promotional calculators can also be given out as promotional gifts to corporate clients or asgift with purchase. With the many different shapes and designs it can adopt, you can choose the traditional calculator or be innovative and incorporate the calculator to other items of great utility, creating a dual functionality.

Your promotional calculator can also be more representative by customizing to take on the shape of your products or colour of your brand!

For inspiration:

Materials: Wood, Acrylic, Chrome, Rubber, Stainless Steel

Types: Battery Free Shake Models, Solar Powered

Calculators Design

  • Handheld
  • Calculator Ruler
  • Calculator Pen
  • Calculator Pencil Case
  • Key Chain Calculator
  • With USB Connections
  • Business Card Holder

For more unique designs: