Different promotions can be offered for the same product – thus attracting different buyers through different mechanisms. Alcon is seen here making one such promotion on its Opti-Free contact lens solution .

  • Buy 2 pack – get on pack gift, a licensed Doraemon fork & spoon set.
  • Buy 3 pack – get an on pack gift of a Peanuts calculator.

Promotional Products for Contact Lens

What makes this particular promotion unique is the usage of 2 different licenses in order to promote Alcon’s cleaning solution. Thus, the promotion is able to give draw fans from both licenses towards choosing Alcon.

The promotion also gives consumers options as it gives different items with its 2 pack and 3 pack bundles. As a result, consumer are rewarded whatever choice they prefer in terms of promotional items.

Thirdly the promotion also helps in terms of marketing the Doraemon and Peanuts licenses respectively, resulting in benefits for all 3 parties in terms of promotions.

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