Marie Brizard is a French alcoholic beverage company founded in 1755. It is a subsidiary of Belvédère, and is based in Bordeaux, France. The company sells liquor and drinks based on plants, fruits and spices. It has two distribution subsidiaries in France and Spain and the company has distributed over 230 million bottles in 120 countries.

Currently in France the French group is carrying a nice promotion with an amazing on-pack gift with purchase. For the purchase of a bottle of Anisette liquor at 14,90 €, get a set of 6 protective shot glasses + 6 spoons + 3 recipes. Clients can use and enjoy the promotional gift for pre-dinner drinks or cocktail hours. A brilliant promotional product which will please your clients whilst they spend time relaxing.

The set can be customized by our designers to match your requirements. Any design and sizes can be produced to fit your promotional campaign.   Close up of the promotion below -finding promo glasses very popular at the moment.