“The Cosplay Party” is McDonalds new promotional campaign launch in Hong Kong. Hello Kitty, the world renowned cartoon character, is featured in various uniforms such as London Guard, Police, Chef and many more.  These Mascots depict respected professions and give very positive values to school children.

Purchase-with-purchase as a Promo MechanismFrom the month of July to August, the Hello Kitty plushes can be purchased at HK$24* for every HK$18 MacDonald’s food purchased. See ODM Plush Factory.

During this promotional period a special limited edition Hello Kitty’s collector Kit can also be purchased at any McDonalds outlet.   Add HK$268 and HK$ 80 with any HK$18 food purchase to receive the Collector Kit and a Party Tote Bag respectively.

*   HK$ 100 = US$ 12.85 Approx.  The HK$ is pegged to the US$ so very little exchange rate fluctuation.