Custom hologram stickers are often used, to be pasted on products, to verify their authenticity.  However, if you are looking for an additional level of security and confidentiality, we recommend the Custom Hologram Scratch Off Labels.

Custom Hologram Scratch Off Labels

Custom Hologram Scratch Off Labels

Custom Hologram Scratch Off Labels

These Custom Hologram Scratch Off Labels come in various shapes, sizes, and Hologram colours.  They are made of Polyethylene (or PE). Each sticker comes with a random serial number which is covered in a scratch coating. Also, they come in rolls of either 200, 500, or 1000.

Here at ODM, the Hologram stickers we have manufactured are Quality Control approved.

Wonder how these custom hologram scratch-off labels are manufactured, you can find out how below:


Why You Should Have a Custom Hologram Scratch Off Label

Assure Product Authenticity

As each Scratch Off Sticker comes with a unique serial number,  each product has unique identities. It prevents duplicates of the product, hence preventing fakes and counterfeits.

Custom Hologram Scratch Off Labels

Custom Hologram Scratch Off Labels

Conceal Confidential Information

You can conceal confidential and important information such as passwords, pin codes, QR Codes, or credit card numbers with the sticker labels. Only the user can view the number when he scratches off the coating. Overall, it is a foolproof method to ensure a high level of security.

Custom Hologram Scratch Off Labels

Custom Hologram Scratch Off Labels

Lottery/ Redemption Promo Idea

Many people enjoy scratch off stickers such as a lottery promo and promotional giveaway. You can paste the scratch-off hologram sticker over the words to be kept hidden, on the card/ticket. The user can then find out what they win once they scratch off the film on the card or ticket.

This is a great redemption promo idea to roll out in your next marketing campaign. No doubt it will attract customers to participate in this giveaway and eventually, learn more about your brand.

Other than lotteries, we recommend them on invitation cards to birthdays, parties, or weddings.


Visually Appealing

Last but not least, the hologram feature of the sticker is visually appealing and will boost the perceived value of your brand. The visual appeal can lure in customers to your products/promotions. Why not illuminate your brand with these hologram stickers?


Our Takeaways

Overall, a Custom Hologram Scratch Off Label is a foolproof method to assure product authenticity, prevent counterfeits, and conceal private information. The Hologram feature of the sticker will catch the attention of shoppers due to its visual appeal.

Other than sticking them on the product packaging, you can also use these sticker labels on lottery tickets or cards as a custom giveaway idea for your brand!


How ODM can help

Interested in Custom Hologram Scratch Off Label? Contact us now and quote the code ODM-3020. 

Our team specialises in designing and manufacturing custom promotional products and has done so for over 17 years. We can help your promotional merchandise needs, handling all processes, from product deck creation all the way to shipping to your final destination.

If you are looking for a unique promotional product, our talented team of designers, Mindsparkz, can help you with just that.  They can help with product brainstorming, sketch design, and many more.  No task is too complex for us.


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