Playball, playball! Homerun and they score! The Los Angeles Dodgers is a team of professional baseball team based in the US. This famous baseball team has won 6 World Series titles and 21 National League Pennants. For every baseball games, free giveaways would be given away to the first 50,000 fans unless otherwise noted. Only one giveaway item per person will be given to the bearer of the ticket upon entering the stadium. This time round, the Dodgers will be offering Kid’s Compression Sleeve as one of their games giveaway. This attractive sports marketing is presented by Wetzel’s Pretzels, a California-based fast food chain that sells snacks like pretzels and hot dogs.

Dodgers Sports Marketing - Kid’s Compression Sleeve

Dodgers Sports Marketing – Kid’s Compression Sleeve

This compression sleeve is an effective sports marketing!

This compression sleeve is a brilliant marketing product. It has a large branding area for logos and brand name, For instance, in the picture above we can see how Wetzel’s Pretzels has cleverly utilized this marketing product. The lower part of the sleeve is branded with Dodgers’ logo while the upper is branded with Wetzel’s pretzels logo. It is an effective marketing product that benefits both parties. As such, whenever a kid uses this product he or she will be reminded of Dodgers as well as Wetzel’s pretzels. It is a powerful sports marketing that improves brand recall and brand recognition. Imprinted with logos and brand name, this compression sleeve also acts as an advertising agent that advertises the brands.

To utilize a similar idea, companies can come out with eye-catching designs to capture attention and provoke interest. This sleeve is highly customizable; as such companies can come out with creative ideas and implement it in their promotional activities. Companies can even choose different materials like canvas, cotton or materials with UV protection! So what are you waiting for? Hurry up and get started with this promotion today!