Who doesn’t like strawberries? If not for their taste, then for what they represent, their bright red colour undeniably attracts the eyes and the attention of people.  Strawberries & Cream ties in nicely with Wimbledon & Tennis and summer in the UK.

Creating a line of products with a specific theme is a great way to effectively differentiate yourself from competitors. Additionally, the concept favors repeat purchase in order to collect the various items showcased.

Surfing on the fruit’s characteristics, ODM discovered a large variety of “strawberry theme” products tailored to the need of the house. See for example the strawberry timer, a great companion when the right cooking time is required for the success of a recipe. Using color as well, this strawberry theme bag is an inventive and funny way to customize a product usually largely commoditized.

Lastly, for those seeking a practical and easy way to advantageously present strawberries, this slicer is perfect. Be it for an occasional dessert or to adorn a cocktail, it will allow you to quickly prepare and present the fruit on any occasions.

Certainly do not limit yourself to strawberry as the experiment can be re-edited using a large variety of themes & fruits. The idea is to always surprise your audience one way or another thus setting yourself apart from competition.

The launch of promotional events such as “strawberry day” could greatly benefit your brand for its innovative stance and allow you to present a variety of new products.