We have had quite a few posts about promotional bags recently, and here is another one but don’t miss it since it is something deserving attention. Just have a look at this awesome strawberry bag by Vivienne Sabo:

Vivienne Sabo GWP – Strawberry Promotional Bag

With such an original design this promotional bag won’t be unnoticed and we are sure that lots of customers will want to have one of those wonderful bags.

This campaign is aimed at promoting Vivienne Sabo‘s new product line Voyage en Provence, including  berry-flavored lip glosses, berry-colored nail polishes and other “tasty” cosmetics.  Every item of Voyage en Provence line has a strawberry image printed on it, so giving away matching strawberry bag is a great promotional solution to support the product launch!

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And a translated version of this promo for our Russian followers:

Рассматриваемый кейс – отличный пример промо-акции, приуроченной к запуску нового продукта, а точнее целой линейки продуктов. Дизайн предлагаемого промо-продукта перекликается с дизайном упаковок продукции новой линейки от Vivienne Sabo под названием Voyage en Provence, что значительно повысит узнаваемость новой линейки.