An aisle display allows merchandisers to maximize their visibility inside retail stores as the strategic location keeps products accessible to shoppers. Just recently, while shopping at a Supermarket in Vietnam, our team noticed a few of these POS Display units. While they’re not the most exciting, we can’t deny that the product placement was effective.

Aisle DisplayAisle Display

The aisle displays that we saw were from Anlene and Lotte. Both units look kind of similar in style and color. As such, if one is to look from a distance, they wouldn’t be able to tell the brands apart easily.

Observing the displays, we found things that we liked and some aspects that needed improvement.

Even with the rise in online retail markets, brick-and-mortar stores still remain relevant. Most people still prefer to visit groceries and shops to purchase their every day needs. So, it is crucial to keep your POS displays fresh in the eyes of customers.


What we like about these Aisle Displays?

  • Location: As the name suggests, these displays are positioned along the aisles of the grocery stores. In any market, the location of a custom POS display can make a huge difference. Being located along the aisles is great, as this greatly improves visibility. Customers can easily see and grab the merchandise on offer. This is a brilliant marketing tool for your company to use, as you can quickly catch a customer’s attention with an aisle display. As we can see, Anlene and Xylitol are placed in a high-traffic area of the shop
  • Color Coded Arrangement: Products are neatly displayed and are stacked according to their color. This makes it easy for customers to find the flavor or variant they want.

Improvements for each Aisle Display?

  • Make it Exclusive: As seen from the below picture, Anlene’s custom display shelf is shared with another brand. Alhtough both brands are made by the same company, sharing the same shelf can have a negative impact on their marketing. Because they compete for customers’ attention, customers will have a hard time deciding what they want to buy.
Aisle Display

Aisle Display

  • LED function: Another way that your company can improve its aisle display would be to add an LED function on the display. An LED retail display can be more attractive to customers. This is because the lights are very visible, especially from a distance. The lights would intrigue customers, who would head towards the display to have a look.

Here’s an example of a great LED display by Paco Rabanne.

  • Differentiate The Brands: Because their aisle displays look kind of similar due to the choice of colors and style, we feel the merchandisers should have used props and promotional devices to differentiate one brand from another. one of the best ways to highlight the brands is throught eh use of eye-catching retail display standees and promotional shelf talkers. Colorful and informative shelf talkers will certainly give life to their otherwise plain aisle display. Also, we noticed that Anlene is giving away a GWP tumbler. They could have highlighted this better through large posters or by creating a space dedicated for the promotional products.


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