Swiss brand, Ricola, famous for its herb lozenges and candy is currently featuring an on pack giveaway promotion. For every two packets of Swiss Herb Lozenges, customers are able to get a free Ricola phone strap.

Ricola's GWP Phone Strap

A miniature form of its retail candy packaging, the phone strap makes a fun and quirky phone accessory to have. To further enhance this fun factor, the brand created a collection with various designs and colours representing its different candy type and flavour.

In face of immense competition from rival, Lakerol, Ricola understood it has to increase its market presence to attain the lion’s share of the pie. In this case, the phone strap offers high visibility with its eye-catching outlook and a mini replica of Ricola’s signature packet makes it easily identifiable with the brand and constantly reminds the user about the addictive candy.

Another reason to choose Ricola over Lakerol…. It’s all these small details that make the difference.  Watch out to see how other brands compete – price or other promos.   We love how the cluster effect catches hold as we see in previous hot sauce example.

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