Victorinox POS display of its promo

Summer is upon us and many of us are planning road trips to get out & travel around during the holidays. For travel niche brands, this is the best period to organize promotions to give your travel accessories a push.

Times Square Hong Kong is running an exclusive Summer Getaway Sale – featuring a whole array of travel accessories and luggage for backpackers and families alike.

One of the brands which  stood out with its GWP promo was Victorinox.  This Swiss brand are famous for its knife and travel gear.

Promo Mechanism:

Spend over HK$1500 on Victorinox products (around US$200) and you can get a free Japanese Honey Baby Knife Set.   Main items on display were its bags and luggage sets.

Victorinox Promo Mechanism

Known as the travel companion collection, the pocket knife comes with a “travel companion” figure casing which adds a quirky touch to storing/hiding the knife. The case is a great mascot in which recipients can relate back to the brand due to its unique outlook and prominent logo placement.

The mini Swiss knife makes a useful pocket travel tool which could come in handy in unexpected situations. Bright colours are the main theme for the collection, perfect for the summer vibe.

Having their signature Swiss knife as part of its promotion for their travel bags is a wonderful marketing strategy. This promotion not only catches the attention of people, it places both items which the brand is known for into the limelight. Customers who are new to the brand can thus experience the best out of Victorinox.

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