Shot Glass With Logo: Primera Light’s Brilliant Tactic to Stand Out

Primera Light Brandy, a unique liqueur masterpiece from Ginebra San Miguel Inc., is currently running its branded on-pack promotion on the retail shelves. Customers can score a premium shot glass with logo in every purchase of Primera Light’s promotional 750 ml bottle. So what makes this liquor marketing tactic stand out? Read through this blog to find out!

Shot Glass with Logo

Shot Glass with Logo


4 Reasons Why This Tactic Stands Out In The Shelves

1. On-Pack Promotions Never Get Old

The competition in the retail setting is definitely tight, especially for different alcoholic beverage brands. This is why they need to develop distinct on-pack offers that will help them win customers and remain on top of their minds. Knowing this fact, Primera Light has utilized a promotional shot glass in their supermarket in-store promotion.


2. Complimentary Gifts Work The Best

When brands in the drinks and beverage industry incorporate products that will improve their customers’ drinking experience, it will help them boost their promotional campaigns. Complimentary promotional gifts such as custom glasswarepromotional barware, and branded shot glass work the best for them.


3. High-Quality Liquor Merchandise

It might look simple, but this promotional pack holds high-quality liquor merchandise. The shot glass with logo that comes with Primera Light’s promotional bottle is heavy-based. An extra-thick weighted base prevents breakage and reduces spills while using the shot glass. Consequently, it helps users to have a smooth and uninterrupted drinking experience to enjoy.


4. Strategic Location of Products

We have spotted these promotional packs between other liquor brands that are not running any promotions. This strategic location of products helps the brand further to stand out on the retail shelves. In addition, it encourages customers to check out the promotional bottle and consider purchasing it.

Shot Glass with Logo

Shot Glass with Logo


How Can We Improve Primera Light’s Promotion?

To create a more remarkable impression on the market, we suggest utilizing bottle neckers in such liquor promotion. Done right, it can make your promotional packs more appealing to shoppers and attention-grabbing in the retail space. Learn more about how potent this marketing tool is in this blog:


This diminutive point-of-purchase item attracts customers to grab your drink products and add them to their cart. To add, we love how this promotional tool offers a wide variety of designs that you can choose from.


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