Innovative POS Displays

Whilst Promotional Products are often used as an on-pack gifts to get clients to stop in their tracks and make a purchase, ODM also work on POS displays (Point Of Sales) to help our partners to grab the attention of clients.

Our team really like this one by Kiehl’s.  Who cannot stop and do a double take when confronted by a Skeleton and a Chalk Board?

What is really interesting about this promotion is that Kiehl’s are very focussed on the Chinese market where Skin Whitening is a critical beauty segment.

4 reasons why we like this POS so much…

  • Skeleton implies that the skin is properly whitened to the bone.
  • Doctors coat implies procedures are scientific and a medically proven technology.
  • White Board with the Gold surrounding will appeal to Chinese buyers and increase perceived value of the treatments.
  • It will drive sales for the brand.