It is time to start preparing gifts for your family, friends and clients because Chinese New Year is approaching within two weeks. For those of you who are not familiar with this festive season, it is a customary tradition to give gifts as a symbol of generosity and love. Wine has always been a popular gift choice for most occasions because it is represented as a luxury, an upper class gift.

Wine Promotional Product

Wine Promotional Product

Catangi Wines’ CNY promo

Take a look at this current promotion being held by Catangi Wines. They are currently doing a Chinese New Year promotion by giving away an extra bottle of award winning wine as well as an exclusive wine album if you meet the criterion. This promotion is limited to the first 50 orders until 30th January, so hurry and get them while it lasts!

You might be considering to offer some wine to your staffs or clients to show that you appreciate them. Why not give the wine alone with a customized wine album? This promotional product is a great additional to a bottle of wine. However, we all know that wine might not necessary be the best gift if you are facing a budget constraint. You might opt to just offer this wine album as a promotional product if you are in that situation.

Wine album, the perfect wine promo gift?

Offering a bottle of wine is great, but why not make it even better by offering another wine album as a promotional product along side it? We all faced the problem of having tasted a wine that we like but ended up forgetting its name. Never again will this happen if you have the wine album stashed somewhere in your home.

L'ivre d'or: The perfect wine promo gift

L’ivre d’or: The perfect wine promo gift

This wine album is so easy to use that you will be fascinated by it. Simply cover the wine label with the sticker provided and extract it to paste it on the album. From there, you can create your very own record of what wines you have tasted and which are outstanding.

What other wine promo gifts could you offer?

If wine albums are not your thing, you can always offer something else like a wine stopper, cooler or even an opener that is customized for your company.

Wine promo gift idea: Cooler

Wine promo gift idea: Cooler

All these wine promo gifts are geared towards making the recipients feel better about you! So it will be even better if you could customize and brand these gifts! Maybe the video below will help get some inspiration for your next promotional campaign.

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