Are you looking for interesting promotional items for your bar? Well then, read this post and get inspired with our promo products! We would like to introduce you to the best drinks related marketing ideas.

Bar promotional items ideas you should consider

Do you want to make a party at your bar fun and unforgettable? Light up the night with this special LED projector glass. It can project the logo of your company and attract more attention among customers.

Brilliant ideas for bar promotional items

Brilliant ideas for bar promotional items

Another excellent idea for the marketing product is a LED bottle glorifier. This promotional item illuminates with LED lightning elements. Thanks to new technology, it allows the bottle to glow all night long.

Brilliant ideas for bar promotional items

Brilliant ideas for bar promotional items

If you are looking to promote a brand which sells alcoholic beverages, these promotional items can significantly increase the visibility and ultimately, loyalty of your potential customers.

As a promotional item you also can chose a cocktail shaker. This item is a necessity for each bar. Designing these shakers in a unique way is another strategy to stand out.

Brilliant ideas for bar promotional items

Brilliant ideas for bar promotional items

Eye-catching promo-packaging of spirits bottles is also be a great marketing tool. What is the most important item for any bar? Glasses of course! There are no limits for creativity! Glasses might be funny and make everyone have a mustache at one minute or bring you some philosophy mood and think “Is this glass half-fool or half-empty?”

Brilliant ideas for bar promotional items

Brilliant ideas for bar promotional itemsBrilliant ideas for bar promotional items

Techniques used in advertising in bars and night clubs are effective methods of influence on potential customers. These methods could include booklets, brochures, flyers and outdoor advertising (banners, posters). However, the most effective way to promote your brand is to print your logo on bar products. It is more efficient than flyers, brochures and posters.


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Посетителей всегда больше интересует творческая атмосфера баров и ресторанов. Очень важны детали интерьера, которые создадут специальное настроение, заинтересуют и оставят положительное впечатление. Создавая уникальные промо товары вы, в первую очередь, создаёте долгосрочную рекламу, которая будет оказывать своё влияние на посетителей и сделает ваш бренд запоминающимся.


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