GiGi is giving away a tote bag as a gift with purchase for at least $60 worth of spending. The tote bag comes in a leopard print design which is chic and trendy. It is large and spacious which is useful for carrying bulky or numerous items. It has a soft handle for maximum comfort on your shoulders. Read more to find out how you can use this effectively as a promotional item

Gift with Purchase - Gigi Leopard Tote Bag

Gift with Purchase – Gigi Leopard Tote Bag

GiGi is a clothes retailer that specialises in retro-inspired clothes. It is located in Seattle in the United States. They feature  a vast selection of remarkable dresses, playsuits, tops, coats and shoes.

Why is this tote bag used as a gift with purchase?

This tote bag has a leopard design which reflects the vintage style of GiGi. It is big and spacious which makes it highly practical for putting in many items. It also has a sturdy handle which provides full support of the weight while carrying heavy items. The tote bag is useful for putting books, files or groceries and can be brought anywhere from the supermarket to the office. This makes it a highly versatile yet fashionable carrier.

How may this gift with purchase affect sales?

The leopard tote bag may be branded with GiGi’s logo in order to increase brand awareness. Thus, more people will know about GiGi’s vintage clothing and they will be inclined to patronise GiGi. Hence, this increases the customer base and increases GiGi’s sales. The logo will also increase brand recall every time the user uses the tote bag. It will facilitate free advertising and remind people about GiGi’s brand. This bag is also given out based on a minimum spending of $60. Thus, it will encourage customers to spend more which increases sales. They will also spur more impulse purchases. What do you think of this promotional product?