Instead of the commonly used tea bags, tea infusers are a perfect promo gift for tea aficionados. These fun looking tea infusers makes teatime all the more exciting for tea lovers. Read on to find out more about the tea infuser.

Promo Gift - Tea Infusers

Promo Gift – Tea Infusers

The Handy Tea Infusers

Tea infusers are small and practical. It is the perfect tool to brew a cup of aromatic tea. The tea infusers can be made of durable plastic, silicon or stainless steel.  Simply put some tea leaves into the tea infuser and immerse it in a cup of hot water!

The holes in the tea infuser allows water to seep in and absorb the flavor of the tea leaves while it traps the tea leaves, giving you a clear cup of tea to sip from. Tea infusers are also reusable, simply clear it of tea leaves, give it a wash and it is ready to make another cup of piping hot tea! Most importantly, it is convenient to store and to carry around.

Unleash your creativity! Tea infuser comes in different shapes and designs. Customize it and incorporate your company logo!

Check out some of these unique and fun looking tea infusers which ODM blogged about – Shark-shaped Tea Infuser!

How to incorporate tea infusers as promo gifts?

As mentioned above, these cute little tea infusers can be made into shapes of company logo. Tea companies such as Lipton, Dilmah and TWG can promote it as a free gift with purchase! Its exclusivity will spur customers, especially tea lovers to make impulse purchases.

Hence, these unique looking tea infusers would definitely attract customers. Besides that, tea infusers which bear the company logo will increase brand awareness and boost brand recall. It reminds customers to continue purchasing products of this company and increase brand loyalty.

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