Cloth balls are a very common promotional product. These gifts fit in well for all different occasions and events which are great especially as a hand-out promo.

Promo Gift Idea – Cloth Ball

Lots of lovely ways to use them! This product is surely a great offer as a promotional item. Unforgettable promos create deep impressions. These cloth balls can come in many different colours to suit different age groups and promotions. Brand your logo on it and give them away as gifts!

See below for more creative ideas:

And a translated version of this idea for our Russian followers:

Разноцветные мячики – идеальный продукт для любой рекламной акции. Они могут различаться по цвету и дизайну, а разместив на них логотип  компании, Вы привлечёте интерес новых покупателей.