Promote your brand with inflatable mascots!  Inflatable mascots are the best way to capture attention since they are large, colourful and three-dimensional.

Besides creating brand awareness, these mascots can also better associate your brand with key product benefits such as “innovative”, “young”, “reliable” etc. These mascots, being cartoon characters, are likeable, and people will perceive your brand as being fun and interesting.

You can also consider giving out mini-inflatables which people will appreciate and use. Brand them with your logo and people will be reminded about your business all the time.

There are two kinds of inflatables – air tight and non-air tight.   In both cases material for inflatable must be durable for general usage.

Air tight inflatables can stay inflated for a period of time without the need for an air blower.   Swimming float and beach ball are examples of air tight inflatables.   Fabric is normally pieced together through high frequency welding. However, for airtight inflatable which require stronger bond and durability – such as the water raft – glue would be used instead.  Air tight inflatables are small due to the limitation of the wielding machine. It is very difficult to make big inflatables airtight and they cannot stay inflated for long.  Air tight Inflatables are mainly made of PVC material or PVC/PU coated nylon material of 0.18mm-1.00mm thickness. Inflatable can only give the general outline of the products hence a lot of details have to be painted on.  Complicated designs requiring lots of labour will definitely cost more

Non air-tight inflatables need an air blower to maintain the shape. POS displays and blow-up playgrounds are examples of non air-tight inflatables.  Air blowers can be gas-powered, electric-powered, internal or external kind. A bigger inflatable will need a more powerful air blower to blow it up and keep it in shape, while an internal air blower can be easier to set up, since you only need to just plug it in and play.   Fabric is sewn or patched instead of being wielded together, hence, they are suitable for making big inflatables for advertisement and POS displays.  Due to this process it is also easier to make 1 off mascots.   Non-air tight inflatables can be made of other types of materials from PVC to nylon and mesh reinforced fabric. This gives them an added advantage in terms of design and colour.

Quantity, thickness of fabric, type of air blower and the design artwork can all affect the cost of an inflatable.   Some of our standard range of consumer inflatable products are also linked below:

  • inflatable beer
  • inflatable cooler
  • inflatable guitar
  • inflatable jacket
  • inflatable photo frame
  • inflatable pillow
  • inflatable soccer ball
  • inflatable radio
  • inflatable world globe

Inflatables can be created in any shape or size to suit your campaigns.     Contact us NOW to create a custom made inflatable!