Idea for this promotional item is a plastic re-usable top designed to snap onto, and instantly seal almost any kind of aluminium beverage can available in the market.

Straight-forward and easy to use, this Bottle Top counters the limitations of a beverage can- Once the tab is pulled, the drink can no longer be kept.

What is so special is that it snaps in place, keeping the contents in your can fresh. As for carbonated drinks, they stay fizzy longer due to the airtight seal.

Available in a variety of colours to choose from, and not only that, logo can be printed on the bottle top itself and on the cap.

  • Washable
  • Portable and lightweight- Easy to carry around
  • Useful for storing half-finished cans

A promotional product ideal for beer promos, picnics and outdoor events – Do not worry about spilling your beverages anymore!