Weetabix Kicks Off Cereal Box Promotions in the UK with Awesome Gifts

Weetabix has kicked off its cereal box promotions in the UK with some cool branded giveaways. Prizes include “PE training sessions” with FA coaches and even tickets to international matches.

Cereal Box Promotions

Cereal Box Promotions

The said campaign will run from May to October 2021. According to Gareth Turner, Head of Brand at Weetabix, the partnership with FA (The Football Association) aims to further “reinforce Weetabix as part of British society,” give opportunity for retailers to “maximize this hook,” “help the nation to get active,” and “make the cereal shelves stand out in 2021.”

True to their promise, they are offering exclusive branded giveaways and prizes that people will not want to miss!

The on-pack cereal promotion is also a move to further boost Weetabix portfolio across different retail stores in the UK.


How to Obtain Weetabix Branded Giveaways?

Scan the QR code found in the cereal boxes to go to the registration page.

Cereal Box Promotions

Cereal Box Promotions


Once inside the competition landing page, customers will have to choose their team to enter the contest.

All they need to provide is their name, date of birth, email, mobile number, and the 9-digit code from the Weetabix box.

Where can they find the 9-digit code?



Below are the prices that lucky customers can win from this contest giveaway promotion:

  • A chance to see a national team training session for you and four guests.
  • A pair of tickets to see your national team
  • Weetabix vouchers
  • Weetabix-branded football equipment including a football, markers, and goal
  • Branded football kits including a top, shorts, and socks

How cool is that!


Why this Campaign Works?

Anything Related to Football is Appealing

In the UK, the Breakfast Cereals segment generates revenue of US$2,813m in 2021. The increase in sales and consumption could be viewed as an effect of the pandemic where enforced lockdowns have resulted in consumers spending more time at home. Another fun fact, Weetabix ranks third in the most consumed cereal brands in the UK.

So how do these data connect with Weetabix on-pack promotion?

Well, one of the goals of the brand is to reinforce Weetabix as part of British society. And with so many brands aiming the same, there is one way to appeal to their target market right away- football!

To say that football is a popular sport in the UK is an understatement. It is ingrained in their DNA may be an exaggeration, but almost everyone has a favorite team they support. It is hard to separate people from the sport.

So, Weetabix’s collaboration with FA is certainly a move that generates a lot of interest from football fans and shoppers. However, how to maintain that heat is what brings us to our second point.


On-Pack Premiums Act as CTAs

To win the shelf war, it is extremely important to have a compelling call to action. This is where on-pack promotions come in. Shoppers tend to notice any new promotion on the shelf.

Exclusive branded merchandise and exciting deals are attention grabbers. Thus, having the word “WIN” on the box doubles the likelihood of purchases at the point of sales.

In this case, Weetabix is offering more than just branded promotional products, but they are also selling “experience.” How would you like to get trained by an FA coach? If you can get a free ticket to their upcoming match by purchasing a box of cereals, will you not grab the opportunity?

In essence, the cereal box promotion taps customers’ love for free items, football, and fear of missing out.


Strategic Location

We spotted the boxes of Weetabix at a very easy-to-spot location and are neatly stacked in a pallet display. It was somehow attached at the end of a gondola display, effectively maximizing the area near the aisle, where there is obviously higher foot traffic. As you can see, the display needs to be replenished because the cereals are selling fast.

Cereal Box Promotions

Cereal Box Promotions


Use of QR Code

Here is another reason why Weetabix’s cereal box promotions work. Incorporating a QR code makes it easier for customers to access the contest’s landing page. Just scan the code to access the registration form.

This effectively removes the need for physical forms to fill out. Moreover, with the current global health crisis, QR codes are a convenient way to collect relevant customer information that brands could use to tailor their next campaigns to their customers’ preferences.


Exclusive Branded Apparel

According to the website, they are giving away branded shirts, shorts, and socks. These are excellent giveaway gifts since they create a heightened awareness of the brand. Custom football merchandise such as these is a great way to connect with target customers as they create a sense of belongingness. This, in turn, translates to stronger trust and a long-term customer-brand relationship.


Other Football Merch that Cereal Brands Can Incorporate into their Campaigns

Mugs in the shape of football– These mugs are ideal for international sporting events such as FIFA. Cereal brands can also offer these as part of their Gift with purchase campaigns since mugs are always present in our breakfast table.


Here’s a collection of various cool products that can be offered to leverage the popularity of Football and maximize your visibility.


Sports Bags – If you are looking for merchandise that is as functional as it is beautiful, then custom backpacks would be your best bet! Drawstring ones are ideal for Cereal brand-football promotions since they can be used during sporting events and they provide convenient access to personal items on top of being lightweight and manageable.


Wheat Food Containers– Cereal brands can also leverage custom food containers to promote their products. Not only do they relate to cereals and other breakfast items, but they can also be used by moms to pack lunch for kids during football practice.


Collapsible water bottles– These are perfect for kids and adults with an active lifestyle. The portability and ability to be collapsed are what make them very useful for anyone who is always on the go.


Bringing it All Together

Cereal is a breakfast staple in many countries. Since the pandemic, the industry has seen an uptick in consumption and sales due to people spending more time at home. As such, the competition has become stronger now more than ever. As Weetabix demonstrated, bringing your brand closer to your target market through exclusive gifts and deals is one way to ensure that you remain customers’ top choice despite so many options out there.

Not only do they offer tangible contest prizes that football fans will cherish, but they are also giving customers an experience that they will never forget. In addition, the use of the Quick Response code has made the competition accessible to all their customers.

By investing in a better customer experience and activating customers to purchase the products, Weetabix will surely crush their goals and score new leads even after the competition is over.


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