Malibu’s custom cocktail set equips shoppers with everything needed to make a pina colada – not to mention a real coconut to drink from too. Fans of the drink are likely to purchase this as a summertime treat for themselves or as a fun gift for others.

Custom Cocktail Set

Custom Cocktail Set

Why this custom cocktail set works:

Colour: Malibu has used color in a unique way to create a tropical vibe which works perfectly with their beverage. The light cream shade and turquoise look like the sand and sea of a beach, while the branding uses the orange seen in Malibu’s sunset logo. The yellow and pink straw attachments are a vibrant pop of color.

Branding: The gift with purchase items are all branded with Malibu’s logo – even the straws. The white logo on the brown coconut cup stands out and is recognizable. This was not the first time the brand used a unique on pack gift offer that’s made from coconut:

High perceived value: Large in size and full of fun promo gifts, customers will eagerly snap this set off the shelves. ‘Bulking up’ a promotional set with gifts which relate to the product is a great way of standing out on the shelf and increasing a brand’s presence.

Cost-efficient: The alcohol bottle itself – the highest value element of the set – is very small in size. However, the set still looks impressive on the shelf. The promotional gifts and drinks packaging means that customers will still perceive this product as being good value for money.

Packaging: The plastic exterior has been split into two halves, separated by cardboard in the middle. This means that Malibu’s logo is front and center, further assisting with brand recognition.

Reusable & eco-friendly: Customers will be able to use these branded cups again and again at parties or other events. The result is a sustained promotion of Malibu’s brand. These cups can easily be in the shape of a coconut, and the ability to keep these would make the set even more valuable to customers.

What could Malibu improve?

Gifting a real coconut to customers – as the packaging states- is a clear point of difference for this custom cocktail kit. I suggest that Malibu make this clearer. It was only after some time that I noticed the ‘contains a real coconut’ text. This is most likely because the copy faces up instead of out on the shelf. I suggest putting this information on a sticker – perhaps in the shape of a coconut – so it is more apparent.

Custom Cocktail Set

Custom Cocktail Set

How a custom gift set can benefit brands:

A drinks gift set is a fantastic idea for drinks brands. Promotional items like those included in this set are surprisingly cheap to make, making this a cost-effective means of enhancing a brand’s presence. Other brands can easily devise their own by choosing the most popular cocktail that their beverage is commonly used with. For example, gin brands Gordon’s could create a gin and tonic set. Even non-alcoholic drinks brands can effectively promote their products in this way.

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