Time to bring back the Vintage Games that we used to love! Wooden Toys like these are definitely make a unique On-Pack Promo Gift. Suitable for all ages, it seems to be a good gift for any kind of product category.

Mikado/Pick Up Sticks as a Promo Gift

Even games as classic as Pick-Up-Sticks can still be really entertaining for your customers. Great activity for gathering and reminisce moments.

Domino Promo Gift Set

How about something as challenging as Dominos? Originally from China, well-liked by the Latin Americans, this gift is the perfect game for the whole family.

Wooden Bowling Games as Promo Gift

The bowling game is another fun and easy activity for both kids and adults. Simple yet enjoyable, this game is sure to surprise your customers and increase sales.

What are these games made of? Monkey Pod Wood!

Monkey Pod Tree comes from Central America and Northern South America. This type of wood is widely used for wood carving. It’s water resistant properties makes it an excellent craft for outdoor furniture and a premium material for puzzles and games.

Not sure which toy is the best promo gift for your customers? Contact us, we will be glad to help!

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