Apollo English is an English Language School in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, taking education to greater heights! With a promotional arch to welcome students back to school, it instils a sense of belonging. Students will certainly feel at home with this branded display at the entrance.

Promotional Arch

Promotional Arch

The arch is made with a durable material that is long lasting. The design also engages with the target audience with images like stationeries that symbolize education. Anybody that passes by will definitely be drawn in by this large custom display stand. To label the steps with their brand name further enhances brand remembrance.


Why We Love This Huge Promotional Arch At The Entrance?

  • Colors That Resonates With Brand Personality – The colors, red and blue, are complementary colors to one another. It creates high contrast so it is great to use to stand out and captivate the crowd! Moreover, by using blue, it allows users to feel a sense of stability and trustworthiness towards the brand.
    Hence, positive brand recall and recognition will certainly bring in more customers!
  • Use of Outdoor Displays – Outdoor displays are good in reaching out to a larger crowd of audience.  Especially to mass audience who does not have access to digital media – so outdoor displays can have an impact across all stages of the Path-to-Purchase before consumers make their final buying decision. Suggestion for Apollo English is to use Custom LED display as their next marketing tactic.
  • Customisability – Custom designs can spark creativity and interest as it is unique to many users. It increases brand awareness and inspires word-of-mouth. This spreads only good things about their advertising efforts to reach out and relate to parent and student. By making both feel at ease, it has achieved brand loyalty.

Overall, it is important to consider the type of industry before adopting the type of marketing tactics so to maximise sales. At ODM, we have extensive knowledge and experience manufacturing high-quality personalized promotional products to your expectations! Moreover, with a creative team of Mindsparkz product designers, we can brainstorm new and fresh ideas for your next marketing campaign. Free feel to send us your inquiry today!


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