Following on our previous blog, another part of Superdrug’s massive free gift with purchase campaign comes from Hugo Boss. The company is offering a free baseball cap with purchases of mens aftershave.

Example of standard promotional products BRANDED to luxury goods

Here we see a perfect example of promos and conceptual evidence for the power of the BRAND. Promotional products can be used to increase this power and are perfect for Consumer Advertising.  This has been mentioned before in these blogs – here is not advertising to consumers, but the consumers advertising for you.

You see this everyday in the street, whether it is someone eating a MacDonalds or wearing Nike clothing.  Using promotional products can enhance branding.  Imagine producing branded stress balls to sell with your product.  Even after the product has been used and thrown out, that stress ball will stay in the consumers office.  By making everyday products like stress balls, pens, and wine stoppers into branded promotional products, you allow your brand to get into everyday life.

This increases the chance of gaining brand identity and eventually recognition allowing you to market a standard promotional product as a luxury gift like Hugo Boss.

Free gift campaign

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