Promo Gift of Teapot

ODM staff recently spotted this interesting promotional campaign at ParknShop in Hong Kong.

Boots facial cleanser stands out from the competition by having a premium gift with purchase promo.  With every purchase of wet wipes, they offer a Glass Teapot for free.

Even though teapots have no link to their core product, Glass Teapots are a very popular household item which will be very useful for customers in general.  This Glass Teapot can be placed in any household or workplace and they are used over a long period of time.

This increases Boots visibility and serves as free advertising which will bring in sales for the company.  Glass Teapots can be customised with a company logo printing on the handle, lid or surface of the pot. This will help to increase the perceived value of your company image!

ODM can help you in many ways to further boost your campaign by coming up with innovative ideas as a giveaway to customers to promote campaign. On-pack-gift draws in more customers.  Contact us to design and produce useful and unique customized items at a affordable prices!