American Whiskey brand Southern Comfort is currently offering a unique on pack gift for the UK as part of their marketing campaign.

Promotional shot glasses by Southern Comfort

Promotional shot glasses by Southern Comfort

Named the Cajun thunder gift pack, this limited edition on pack includes a free promotional shot glass and Tabasco pepper sauce packed together with the whiskey.

The pack allows for buyers of the pack to serve their own Cajun thunder shots with ease, making Southern Comfort a great label for consumers to buy for their own parties and gatherings.

Why are promotional shot glasses good for marketing?

Promotional shot glasses are get for adding your own personal touch to the design. These shot glasses or any other promotional glasses, can be engraved using laser engraving for example, to show your brand and its logo on the surface of the glass.

Also, with a customized logo printed upon it, the promotional shot glasses will provide a long term marketing impact. As the pack is finished, consumers can continue using the promotional shot glass which reminds them of Southern Comfort whiskey.

Shot glasses are also a good way to promote your brand image and increase its awareness. If used at gatherings they can be on show and used by a lot of people, and with the added twist of the Cajun Thunder on pack promotion, people will be interested in finding out more about this drinks promotion.

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