Beta, the canine Division of Purina, are currently offering gifts with purchase prizes to encourage more buyers to choose their brand.   The promotion includes 80 prizes and is a collaboration (co-promotion) with outdoor magazine Countryfile.

Gift with purchase promo utilizing new technologies

The promotion has utilized new technologies by allowing consumers to enter codes they find on promotional packs to enter a draw electronically.  80 winners will get vouchers for outdoor gear and everybody gets a free copy of the magazine.

This promotion shows how new technologies can be utilized to make promotional draws easier to access for purchasers as they can enter the draw instantly using their internet enabled mobile telephone if they wish.  See also blog on QR Codes.

Promotions like this give evidence that pursuing Corporate Social Responsibility in promotional products does not have to be non-profitable. This example shows Beta and Countryfile promoting fitness for the community by offering promotional hiking gifts with purchase, while still focusing on increasing demand.

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