Promotional Bean Bags are a great gift idea for any kind of marketing campaigns such as for fitness and sports brands, household giveaways, or drinks giveaways. Many love to rest on bean bags as it is really comfortable to sit on. 

Bean Bag

Promotion for Fitness and Sports Companies

Bean bag gives the fitness center a good atmosphere; customers can chill out and sip a drink while resting on it after a tiring but fruitful session of fitness. Wouldn’t they want to carry that comfortable bean bag home with them? This bean bag is the perfect gift for every fitness center.

This is especially true for big fitness chains! It is a good opportunity to improve its image. Additionally, this bean bag looks great! It could definitely attract people’s attention. Companies can also brand their logo on the bean bag that can increase brand awareness.

All in all, the bag does not really cost little, but it offers the opportunity to improve the fitness center’s image, showing potential and current customers that you care about them more than anything.

Household Giveaway

Some customers would like to have a beanbag at their homes as decor. They would probably use it often, sitting on it to rest or binge watch their favorite TV show. Thus, having this as contest giveaways, such as buying a number of products to participate in the contest, can entice many customers to your brand and promotion. This can also ensure customer loyalty to your brand as they will purchase more of your products to boost their luck.

Promotional Bean Bags


How We Can Help

If you are interested in this product, do not hesitate to contact us. Remember to quote the product code, ODM-399. We also have a team of designers, named Mindsparkz, to help come up with interesting bean bag designs like the one above.


Celebrating Lazy Day

promotional bean bags

August 10 is Lazy Day! It is time for you to just lay in bed and relax. Binge-watch your favorite TV show or just snack all day. Here are some more promotional gift ideas that you should roll out in your next marketing campaign!

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Here are some more unique bean bag cushion designs for you to consider.

How about a bean bag stand for your phone?

Blankets are a great giveaway item for your customers!

These chip clips make great on-pack gifts for FMCG companies!

Snack bowls also make great on-pack gifts! Check out this one done by Colgate!


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