How to Prepare a Creative Custom Pop Up Card for Marketing

A custom pop up card is a creative way to show your gratitude to your customers while also promoting your brand. No matter the occasion, giving away corporate greeting cards as promotional items can help boost brand presence and build stronger business relationships. That’s why it’s important to consider the design and message you want to put in the card.

How to Prepare a Creative Custom Pop Up Card for Marketing

How to Prepare a Creative Custom Pop Up Card for Marketing

These 3D greeting cards feature cultural icons such as London’s Big Ben, Thailand’s Tuk Tuk, and Paris’ Eifel Tower. The iconic designs make them ideal for the tourism industry such as travel agencies, airport marketing and airline promotions. It’s versatile and is highly customizable. Therefore, marketers can use any design to make it suitable for any brand campaign.

Preparing Custom Pop Up Card for Marketing

If you’re considering using custom pop up greeting cards for marketing, here are a few important points to remember:

How to Prepare a Creative Custom Pop Up Card for Marketing

How to Prepare a Creative Custom Pop Up Card for Marketing

  • Materials: You can choose from a wide variety of custom color paper and custom texture paper to give your 3D popup cards a nice texture and depth. Our designers will show you different options that meet your branding requirements as well as your marketing budget. What we like about this kind of promotional product is that it is fairly inexpensive to make than other promotional product options. This way, clients can cut back on production expenses. Small business enterprises can benefit from this.
How to Prepare a Creative Custom Pop Up Card for Marketing

How to Prepare a Creative Custom Pop Up Card for Marketing

  • Design: It’s important to think in terms of what your recipients would like to see. However, do not forget to consider your niche so as to keep your custom pop up cards grounded to your brand identity. For instance, this greeting card with a man surfing design would be great for creative sports promotions or surfing-related products and services.

There are two ways our product designers at Mindsparzk can help you: First, you can pick from a collection of pre-existing designs which you can customize. Second, you may send an original 2D design and our designers will produce a 3D design for it.

  • Branding: Aside from tourist spots and iconic cultural identities you can find design inspiration from your own brand visuals. Take a look at this custom pop up card from Volkswagen. In one glance, you’ll see the “W” logo of the car company. But, the logo transforms into a snowflake when you open the card.
  • Message: Aside from the laser-cut designs, one should also take into consideration the message or text you want to put into the card. Keep your message short and sweet and make sure that it reflects your brand identity. You can use the outer part or the blank space inside the card to print your message or brand name. Or, have the envelope printed with your logo.
How to Prepare a Creative Custom Pop Up Card for Marketing

How to Prepare a Creative Custom Pop Up Card for Marketing

Here’s How We Can Help

When you work with our product designers, here’s what you can expect:

How to Prepare a Creative Custom Pop Up Card for Marketing

How to Prepare a Creative Custom Pop Up Card for Marketing

  • For existing designs in the catalog: For 500 pieces order, clients can mix any design and each design should be 30 pieces.
  • For new and original designs: Designing is free of charge if client orders at least 300 pieces (easy design) and 500 pieces (complex design)
  • Packing details: Each 3D pop-up greeting card comes with a white envelope and plastic polybag. Standard card sizes are: 10 x 15cm, 12 x 12cm, 13 x 18cm, 15 x 15cm, 15 x 20cm.

Contact ODM

Make your customers and clients feel special with custom pop up cards! Customizing them is easy with Mindsparkz and ODM. If you would like to learn more about the designing and manufacturing aspect of such promotional items, do not hesitate to send us an inquiry and quote product code 2096.

We have extensive experience in designing and manufacturing promotional products and other marketing items such as POS Displays and In-Store Displays so you can rely on us for anything related to promotions and marketing. However, due to recent COVID-19 situation, expect delays in shipping promotional gifts.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What are some of the benefits of sending your clients a card?

A card will reminds your client who you are and what you do. This ensures that you are keeping in contact with your clients. It is also great for keeping your Client marketing lists up to date.

What are some other types of promotional gifts?

Mugs, Pens, Shirts, Umbrellas, Totebags, Notebooks are some of the most common type of promotional gifts.


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