Qing Ming Festival starts this Thursday, April 5th in China.

Known widely as Tomb Sweeping Day or Ching Ming festival in China and Hong Kong, this holiday falls on the 104th day after winter solstice in the lunar calendar and 5th of April on the conventional Gregorian calendar. It is a holiday widely observed by Chinese people worldwide as an important cultural tradition.

ODM office in Zhuhai will close for this important cultural occasion as well as all the factories and businesses in China.

Holiday dates: 5th-7th of April, 2018

Official work day: 8th of April, 2018

Qing Ming Festival & China

Qing Ming Festival & China

Qing Ming festival originated from the story of Jie Zitui, a follower of the duke of Wen during the warring states period  whom the duke incurred a debt of honor from and declared 3 days without fire to honor his memory. On this day, Chinese families typically visit ancestral graves to perform the traditional rites of cleaning and sweeping of graves, burning incense and offering food to the deceased.

People also burn fake paper bills as offering to the dead and fly kite to celebrate the coming of spring. Ching Ming holiday is the perfect time for Chinese families to go spring outing or “taqing.”They would visit parks or gardens with friends and relatives or go hiking to experience nature after visiting cemeteries.

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