World Environment Day (WED) is dedicated to stimulating awareness of the environment – and the focus is to gain political attention and public action.
Hosted every year by a different city, with a different theme, it is commemorated with an international exposition on first week of June.   5th of June is the anniversary date when United Nations Conference on Human Environment began.

  • 2004: Wanted! Seas and Oceans – Dead or Alive? (Barcelona, Spain)
  • 2005: Green Cities – Plan for the Planet! (San Francisco, U.S.)
  • 2006: Deserts and Desertification – Don’t Desert Drylands! (Algiers, Algeria)
  • 2007: Melting Ice – a Hot Topic? (Tromso, Norway)
  • 2008:  Kick The Habit – Towards A Low Carbon Economy (Wellington, New Zealand)

2009 Hosted by Mexico, reflecting the growing role of the Latin American country in the fight against climate change.  Theme was ‘Your Planet Needs You – Unite to Combat Climate Change’.

2010 Pittsburgh will be hosting this year’s World Environment Day with the theme- “Biodiversity: Connecting with Nature.”

Companies can start preparing for the event by brainstorming on the kind of promotional products that can be given out and how to connect with nature on production by using renewable resources for green promos..