A promotional USB is an ideal promotional product for any organization and we just got some really fun samples.   These flash drives should be great promos for the upcoming World Cup in South Africa.

Available in a range of memory sizes (32MB-32GB) the USB has movable arms and legs and it can be designed to match your company uniform, team colors etc….  If it’s for a company anniversary it can be personalized into the founder of the company or mascotfigurine.

Easy to customise for different hair styles, hats, eyes, mouth, sweater color, pants, shoes and most important of all imprinting the logo on the flash drive.

To get to the USB connector of the drive you just pull off the head. Packaging options can be a clear window box, showcasing the character of your USB drive.

Not only can this product be done for the soccer events, it can also be tailored for other events like mothers’ and fathers’ day or maybe even Santa Claus for Christmas.

ODM Asia makes a wide variety of promotional flash drives such as USB bracelet, flash card, USB credit card etc.