Camus is holding a GWP promotion at Guangzhou train Station Duty Free store  in Hong Kong. Buy one Camus 70cl Extra Elegance or XO Elegance and get a business USB Pen Drive. It is an interesting promotion because it is tiered where by there are 5 different gifts depending on the value of the Camus drink choosen.

Alcohol Promotional Products

ODM are most interested by the Rivages beach bags, available upon purchase of 100cl or 70cl of VSOP Elegance.   You will have seen on our blogs before that Cobranding can be a powerful tool for promotional products campaigns.   Look at our case study featuring Get 27 & Perrier.

However, in this case we believe that Rivages is an “in-house brand” (a creation of Camus).  This French sounding name given to the bags can give perception of a higher quality GWP for Camus customers and lead to impulse purchase.

Have a look at some other bags that Camus has offered with Rivages branding before..

Liquor Promotional Bags

Duty Free Promotional Products

It is a common sight for liquor companies to give away travel bags as part of their purchase.. Have some new ideas to share? Drop us an email at!

Here are some other existing market trends that ODM has spotted..